Hi there 👋,

I’m a third-year Ph.D. student at Paul Sabatier University, doing my research for Renault’s Applied Artificial Intelligence team.

I work on NLP and Knowledge Graph. In addition, I study Mutual Learning and Knowledge Distillation.

Some of the applications of my PhD are:

  • Information Retrieval 📑
  • Classification 🔍
  • Recommendation ⭐️
  • Knowledge-intensive tasks 📚

I’m a Python developer interested in:

  • Software Engineering 🐍
  • Machine Learning 🤖
  • Statistics 📈
  • Data Viz 📊
  • Databases 💾
  • Cloud 🐳

I contribute to some open-source libraries and often participate in machine learning competitions. I will use this blog to share my journey.

Feel free to contact me at raphael.sourty@gmail.com